Real estate is land and anything that’s attached to it, including buildings and natural

resources. It’s one of the most common investment types, and it’s often a leading

indicator of economic trends. The value of real estate typically rises over time,

making it an attractive investment option. The value of real estate also drives

millions of jobs in fields like home improvement, development, lending and


The process of buying and selling real estate is usually facilitated by a licensed real

estate agent, broker or attorney. Real estate agents and brokers earn a commission

from the sale of property. They may also make a fee for providing consultation

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In addition to assisting home buyers and sellers, real estate professionals often work

with commercial and industrial clients. Commercial real estate includes properties

used to conduct business activities, such as office buildings, parking facilities, retail

spaces and warehouses. It can also include land used for commercial purposes, such

as farms, mines and factories. Industrial real estate can also include property used

for research and development, as well as special purpose properties such as

cemeteries, hospitals and schools.

For homeowners looking to sell, a real estate agent can help them set the right price

for their property. They can also assist with finding financing options. They can even

host open houses for interested parties. They can also provide their clients with

market data, such as sales prices for comparable properties in the area.

Homeowners who are considering selling can also benefit from a real estate agent’s

expertise when it comes to improving their property’s curb appeal. A real estate

agent can also advise them on any potential issues with the property that should be

addressed before listing it for sale. For example, a home inspection can reveal

hidden problems such as mold or structural damage.

For home buyers, a real estate agent can help them find the right property by

researching listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or other online real estate

databases. They can also connect them with potential lenders who can offer advice

on mortgage loans.