Introduction: HappyRun Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycle fat tire with powerful motor

1.HAPPYRUN TANK G60 Motorcycle Electric Bike

The TANK G60 is a commuter e-bike that combines the rugged, easy-riding capabilities of a fat tire mountain bike. It features a 750W motor to power your ride with peak power of up to 1500W and more torque to propel the bike up steep slopes.

The 4-inch wide tires are ideal for off-road riding, and the extra surface area in contact with the ground will provide enhanced traction and stability.

You ride like a traditional bike, with trigger shifters and hydraulic disc brakes; and when you’re ready to start riding, you turn on the removable battery

A removable 48V 18AH battery powers your adventures and, when recharged, provides a range of 68 miles with pedal assist in just 5-6 hours. The detachable feature gives you the flexibility to charge conveniently at home or at work.

Aluminum alloy front fork

Strong yet lightweight materials combined with the front fork suspension ensure a more comfortable, smooth ride. Not only does it enhance handling and control on different terrains, it also reduces overall weight, making your journey more enjoyable and relaxing.

TANK G60 rear suspension design

The upgraded aluminum alloy shock absorber has a stroke of 50mm, which indeed provides more possibilities for off-road driving. The greater range helps improve the overall stability, control and comfort of a fat tire e-bike, making it suitable for a variety of terrains and challenging conditions.

2.HAPPYRUN Tank G50 full suspension electric light motorcycle mountain bike

Fat tires are a full range of configurations, and they are also some important configurations that distinguish them from other electric bicycles.

It has a high-power motor, the best full-suspension electric off-road light magic bike shape, and features a high-performance 1500W (rated power: 750W) with a range of more than 68 miles, and a 7-speed transmission. The 7-speed gear system of the Tank series can release power, allowing You get the most out of your off-road performance.

The 750W motor is very powerful, which may be intimidating for many riders, but on an electric motorcycle it will be a minor challenge.

3.HAPPYRUN G100 2000W electric motorcycle

One of our Fastest Electric Bikes  in the HAPPYRUN G100 series. This is another weird and wonderful powerhouse e-bike that combines the stability of a fat bike with the ability to ride off-road.

HAPPYRUN G100 has a tall handlebar that allows the rider to maintain a natural, relaxed posture while riding; combines Dutch design inspiration with a unique and smooth appearance, NFC unlocking system

Using NFC smart unlocking technology, you can easily unlock the adult electric motorcycle with just one click. Tank G100 embodies the perfect fusion of power and beauty, delivering unparalleled power and 95Nm of torque as well as ultra-long cruising range thanks to its dual-battery system.

high speed stimulation

Top speed is 38+MPH. You can freely choose from 5 speed levels.

Level 1/2: 13 mph

Level 3/4: 25 mph

Level 5: 38 MPH+

This is especially popular with young riders. The G100 has the power to conquer any terrain with ease. Peak motor power of 2000 watts (rated at 1000 watts), speeds up to 38 mph, 95 Nm of torque, and 4-inch wide tires for unparalleled grip, release Your riding pleasure.

Which e-bike is right for me?

Based on your understanding of the above electric bicycles, choose one according to your budget and travel needs!

On our website you will find photos, diagrams, descriptions and specifications of each of our models: you can read them carefully and, if you are ready to buy, you can buy them here.

Developed to redefine your commute, adventure and lifestyle, e-bikes are designed with value, portability and affordability in mind. Built with high-quality components and plenty of real-world use cases and accessory opportunities to take your riding to the next level. Embrace your inner minimalist without sacrificing performance, budget, or style. If you’re ready to experience the future of cycling and ready to grab the handlebars and embrace the world.

Finally take your e-bike on an adventure!

Make sure your e-bike is fully charged before setting off. You want your two-wheeler to be in good condition before a long ride, so don’t forget to fully charge it.

Check the condition of tires and brakes. Make sure the air pressure inside the tires is the same and sufficient. For brakes, make sure they are synchronized and adequately greased for smoother response.

Don’t forget your helmet. While many states require this by default, it’s more of a matter of your own safety. Put on a helmet, double-check the local e-bike regulations in the state or county you’ll be riding in, and you’re good to go.

If you need more information, have specific questions, or just want to talk to a professional, ask us! We can answer your call, exchange messages via chat or investigate something and get back to you. We have a reliable help center before and after you buy a bike – we may have answered your questions before you even know you own the bike.